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Never Assume

This is a fine needle aspiration from 50 years old female patient presented with bilateral ovarian masses. She is also known case of breast carcinoma for which she had mastectomy.


  • Hypercellular smear

  • Monotonous nuclei.

  • Different architectural patterns including trabecular and follicular grouping.

  • Many nuclear grooves.

The following features strongly support the diagnosis of Granulosa Cell Tumor of the ovary. The diagnosis can be confirmed with inhibin immunostain.

Other features not present in this case:

  • Call-Exner bodies, noncellular material that is brightly magenta in color on Diff quick stain surrounded by granulosa cells.

Falling in the trap of assuming this tumor as a metastatic breast adenocarcinoma is easy. follicular grouping might be interpreted as glandular differentiation.